carta para elisabet

por tam

“Dearest Elisabet,

Since I’m not allowed to see you, I’m writing to you. You don’t have to read my letter. You can ignore it. I cannot help seeking contact with you this way.

I’m haunted by a constant question… Have I hurt you in any way? Have I unknowingly hurt you? Is there some terrible misunderstanding between us? Do you really want me to go on?

I thought we were happy. We have never been so close. Do you remember saying “I’m beginning to understand what it means to be married”? You have taught me that we have to see each other ‘as two anxious children filled with good will and the best intentions, but ruled by powers that we can only partially control’. Do you remember saying all that? We went for a walk in the woods and you stopped and grabbed the belt of my coat…”

E, então, ela tira a carta escrita pelo seu marido das mãos de Alma e amassa o papel com força e angústia brutal.

Persona – Ingmar Bergman – 1966.